Milan robič


Client / organizer: Society Natura 2020

Career challenge of the millenium


Presidential and parliamentary elections in RS 2022

The Tourist society Natura 2020 is focused on congress tourism, because it is registered for profitable activities of organising expositions, fairs and meetings. We also perform customized activities of a travel agency.

As the author of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton and the owner of innovative business model Market&innovation I co-founded the Exploratory society of Milan Robič and the Tourist society Natura 2020. I am also known as a co-founder of brands Natura 2020, Green-luxury and milanrobic, as well as a leader of a global campaign Natura 2020 for a good purpose.

I bestowed my intellectual property (know-how) for the sake of the society, where I wprk as a volunteer and coordinator. According to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton I provide strategic counselling in fields of economy of the ethics of virtue, boutique tourism and advertising of the campaign Natura 2020 for a good purpose.

Career mayoral elections


Mayoral elections beyond all expectations

I am the author of the doctrine of wisdom Gnothi seauton and the founder of the Natura2020 Society.

My company I WILL BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF THE STATE was founded in the 2012 presidential elections in the Republic of Slovenia.

The goal is to win in great style in the 2022 elections.

Leadership & Management


NATURA 2020 (gift certificate / course / trip)

Are you looking for socially responsible mentor for crisis communication and public relations management with the aim of transforming in learning organizationbased on sustainable green growth policy?

Green researchers charity initiative NATURA 2020 FOR GOOD PURPOSE sustainable, innovative and socially responsible we take care of natural environment.

The Natura 2020 Society also takes care of awareness-raising and free education in the field of corporate communication, public relations, election and advertising campaigns. For top management, we carry out personalized business mentoring / counseling custom circular green economy.

Trainings / courses imagination imagination, daydreaming skills) focus on the individual and the corporate knowledge management and administrationThey help participants to improve management skills that can be absorbed / integrated in accordance with modern green legislation and used for socially responsible management.

We train you in crisis communication, public relations management and campaign management with the aim of calming conflicts. You can also learn the alternative implementation of development plans. We put integrity in the light mentoring / advisory training / work.

 We do not avoid political struggle. Just as we manage our own global online campaign, so can we help mentor / manage also an election campaign tailored to green researchers..

We are focused on the clear water of the Black Lake - Black Sea water circle, which consists of the trinity of the Drava-Sava-Donava rivers.

Our mission is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Balkan Peninsula, where the influences of the Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian world meet.

You can enrich your sales plans socially responsibly. Deliver to your potential customers darilne bone Natura 2020 The gift is also written on the skin of the newlyweds, as it gives them a luxurious green honeymoon custom.

ou will receive our knowledge, which will contribute to your success, free of charge. But we will be grateful for the friendship, which will mean mutual benefit. 

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