Natura 2020 – Wood. Stone. Water.

Private circle of investors of Milan Robič, a candidate for Slovenian president in elections 2022, invites you to enter:

Ø  PRIVATE INVESTOR DINNER,which will take place each year on the 21 December for a purpose of celebration of winter solstice, when a connection between a human being, nature and cosmos strengthens again. You can express your support with a purchase of the voucher at:

Ø  BUSINESS BREAKFAST,which will take place each year on the 22 April as a homage to the Earth – Mother of wisdom.Your can express your socially responsible support to the community/commitment of green explorers with a purchase of the voucher at:

Premium services of boutique tourism in a primally preserved ecosystem are intended for profoundly informed green explorers, who are also highly solvent and credible.

The state offers tax credits for a good purpose to domestic and foreign investors. We invite you to act socially responsible and grant them to the green explorers of sustainable ecosystem innovations, who will use technology of augmented reality to preserve cultural, natural and mythical heritage. Thus, they will keep in step with the times and fulfil their commitment to people.