Strategic consultation


Explore and win together with local legends

Definiton of the RRD challenge

Slovenia, a leading European gastronomic region, will preside to the EU in the second half of 2021. In that period, a strong position in the main world capital markets will be held by hot green bonds, which growth could be accelerated/preserved by our own green currency Natura 2020.

Agrobusiness of the millenium is supported by high blockchain technology, which is reflected by the token Natura 2020

Agrobusiness of the club of wealthy member states of the EU and rapidly evolving markets of the BRICS countries is high-tech start-up opportunity for business angels, who will participate in a national call for tenders with regard to investment of risk capital SPS to achieve faster global growth of the token Natura 2020. It is based on realistic grounds, i.e. clean water of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea.

Aim of the project

A festival of the high blockchain technology is intended for creation of the idea, development, tokenisation and accelerated growh of the token Natura 2020.

The festival Natura 2020 is a prestigious financial and business event, which promotes spiritual experiences of energetic green countryside luxury at the junction of Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian world.

The goal of the festival is consolidation of suitable circumstances for tokenisation of the token Natura 2020 for a good purpose. This token is the currency of the green explorers, which has in its golden age realistic grounds in spiritual experiences of energetic hiking and cycling.

The case study of good practice of luxurious green experiences Natura 2020

Slovenian entrepreneurial fund launched a public tender intended for business angels of clean green energy, such as investment into nuclear power plant NEK 2. Natural and water resources are among national treasures.

We are ranked among trustworthy brands. As destinational specialists we are the point of entry to the industry of blockchaining the token Natura 2020. We focus on creatively designed proactive/universal know-how in fields of modern political economy and private economic diplomacy.

Through building partnership we strive to gradual valorisation of long-term effects/buffers/strategies of top profiting. We personalise individual invitation to participation in a form of wedding or birthday gift. The expert model is based on accurate data.

The essence of the systemic brand is a promise about high added value of sustainable intellectual property embodied as the green standard.

 The case study of good practice of support mechanisms Green-luxury

Learn language/communication of the primally preserved virgin forest, which will show you your real role in the universe. Silence is a luxury, which could no more be afforded by each human being, because it is available only in countries with the most unspoiled nature.

A real value of the token Natura 2020 can be demonstrated by technology of augmented reality, which enables presentation of mythical Pohorje customs Natura 2020, which include mystical traditions, as follow:

  • Water sprite Jezernik
  • Brigand's bride
  • Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty
  • Pohorje winter Snow White

Development of congress tourism Natura 2020 is based on 5***** economic green diplomacy.

 Model of digitisation of the group of three humanitarian brands gradually penetrates open global market, because its promotion is focused on comprehensive picture of destination with abundant natural resources, which is pleasant for living, working and travelling beyond classical understanding of wedding experiences.

Crucial details of a completed whole create a successful image of the brand in all fields, and overcome all expectations. Everyone is the architect of his/her own fortune/game of resounding.


The case study of good practice of the personal brand Milan Robič

We put on masks of false modesty in our battle against our surroundings, because we wanted to get accepted by a minority of initiates, which boots we lick without a bit of common sense, because we concealed the essence of the teaching about the economy of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton (who, what we are).

We betrayed ourselves to obtain false acceptance, and therefore we are affraid, that anyone would recognise our pricelessness and indispensability. We are affraid to show, who and what we really are, we are ashamed of our own false belief, because we are aware of hiding priceless crown value. The crown chakra is the crown/leading position of our personal development.

Personally we are perfect beings, who approach the goal of imagination. We should put off masks and start the battle for our innate right – our authentic nature which is hidden inside ourselves. We carry leadership competences and organisational knowledge in ourselves.

Taking care for themselves remains the main task of muses/leaders. Nobody will crown muses, if they will not nourish imagination (ability to imagine, dream), which is the crown of leadership skills. We should put on the crown of internal power and freedom ourselves, no one else would crown us as a free soul. Solution – taking care for ourselves – lies exclusively in ourselves. Liberation is expensive, because freedom is a precious pearl. However, slavery in servitude are even more expensive. Nocebo presents positive motivational lines of force, which neutralise placebo effect. They heal old wounds, what is not possible without entering battle for the innate right, i.e. our own image/freedom/dignity/love/imagination (who, what we are).

Imagination is the queen of game of resounding, wisdom rules the teaching about love/imagination. Peace in the world called our self, beginns where our home is. Concentrated in our self/empowerment we continue fight for our integration. We cannot carry our whole burden indefinitely. We should lessen it and differentiate ourselves to be able to shine our pristine light.

Domino effect overcomes silence, liberates our authentic voice, which was concealed in our effort to deny imagination. This process presents the path to achieve wisdom and express our own voice/language. Language of wisdom/resounding/communication with ourselves is a lesson which a leader should learn in the battle with himself/herself.

Participants/investors feel WELCOME, pleasantly, warmly, genuinely. They are PROMOTED highly above the average, because 99.99% of green explorers want to experience study journey across the virgin forest, but they do not have time or opportunity to do this. They feel according to our hospitality/promotion, because we fulfill the PROMISE/COMMITMENT of excellence.


Opolnomočenost je razkošje, saj ozaveščen človek skrbi za bisere svoje intelektualne lastnine. Voditeljstvo in vodstvene kompetence so neprecenljivi biseri govorice tišine.

Izdaja tokena Natura 2020 bo podprta z dediščino naravnih bogastev, predstavljenih s tehnologijo obogatene resničnosti. Pričela se bo s tovarno kisika, saj sveži zrak vsi prodajamo kot luknje v švicarskem siru. 

Naravna in kulturna dediščina Balkanskega polotoka je agroposel tisočletja. Z bajeslovno doto alpskega, dinarskega, mediteranskega in panonskega sveta bomo ob pomoči tehnologije obogatene resničnosti gradili pohorsko šego Natura 2020, ki vključuje visoko tehnološke zagonske projekte:

  • Skrivnostna moč Trnuljčice,
  • Pohorska zimska Sneguljčica,
  • Razbojnikova nevesta,
  • Povodni mož Jezernik,
  • Albertov privez in
  • Ruškomalh.

Dobrodošli v otrokom prijaznem Unicefovem mestu Ruše, ki ima kot edino tovrstno mesto na svetu v svoji bližini pragozd. Spoznajte govorico/jezik/komunikacijo prvinsko ohranjenega pragozda, ki vas bo naučila vaše resnične vloge v vesolju.

Smo vaša prva naložbena izbira. Kot agrarni posel Natura 2020 za dober namen smo mistična izbira finančne stvarnosti. Čisto okolje, čisti zrak, čista voda, čista vest.


Podjetniški inkubator zelenih raziskovalcev Natura 2020 v oblaku je namenjen evolucijskemu preskoku intelektualne lastnine z ravni NATURA 2020 IDEJE 4.0 na revolucionarno raven NATURA 2020 PREMIUM 5.0 GREEN-LUXURY, ki temelji na tehnologiji obogatene resničnosti.

Poslovno in drugo podjetniško svetovanje Natura 2020 je namenjeno kreativnemu, kulturnemu in kongresnemu turizmu.

Odpiramo investicijsko priložnost tokenizacije tokena Natura 2020, saj podpiramo naložbe zelenega gospodarstva v ekosistem Natura 2020, kjer se prepletajo vplivi alpskega, dinarskega, mediteranskega in panonskega prostranstva.

Fokusirani smo na vlaganja v vodnem krogu Črno jezero – Črno morje, ker spoštujemo čisto vodo trojstva rek Drava-Sava-Donava.

Glavno in podporne dejavnosti financiramo samostojno, saj gre za naložbe v več sto milijonov evrov vredno intelektualno lastnino skupine blagovnih znamk:

Partnerjem zagotavljamo zmagovalne okoliščine, saj delimo znanje in dobro ime. Zdaj imate realno čast, privilegij in možnost, da postanete član filantropskega projektnega gibanja Natura 2020 za dober namen.