Under the Sun of Freedom


Candidate for Slovenian president in 2022

I will be a candidate in presidential elections in the Republic of Slovenia in 2022. I am a proponent of clean environment and zero level of environmental risk in 2031. I support a modern political economy of sustainable development.

I behave according to my conscience as an efficient businessman, who strives for common sense and environmentally acceptable business achievements. My own philosophy of resounding is encompassed in the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton. Therefore, my vision of Slovenian future follows global trends of awakening collective awareness of individual empowerment.

My program titled UNDER THE SUN OF FREEDOM is oriented ecologically. From the aspect of the global change I can witness the fall of parliamentary democracy in Slovenia in the period 2012–2022. On a basis of knowing international competitiveness and due to my cosmopolitan orientation I advocate presidential democracy.

I want to remain master on my own land. I am not a servant, I understand humankind needs on a global level. The recent Slovenian history shows, that in our country we prefer personal brands with a strong authority. I want to live under the sun of freedom. I act in a self-protective and socially responsible way.

I invite 5,000 supporters of the green explorers of the movement Natura 2020 to enter our partnership.


We are specialised for markets of modern political economy and private economic diplomacy.

We offer customized strategic turnkey solutions Natura 2020 for a good purpose. We provide services in a category of other customized entrepreneurial and business counselling. We perform creative public relations management and take care for crisis and strategic global communication. You can discover priceless pearls of cultural, natural, mythical and business heritage during one single journey, which could last from one day to one year with arranged tourist visa.

  Discover alive Sleeping Beauty, incredibly wonderful Slovenia and amazing virgin forest Šumik. The essence of the hospitable Sleeping Beauty, i.e. the country of Slovenia, are intertwined Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonial world. You do not need to visit Mars to get discovered a new planet of the Pohorje mountainside, where you can cross the Lobnica canyon in the heart of the mixed virgin forest across the suspension bridge together with us – the green local legends. Therefore, you do not need to search for spiritual experiences of energetic green study trekking in Nepal. On the banks of the emerald Drava river you will recognise, that in a good company of local legends you can feel better than in the Maldives. The Sleeping Beauty, a symbol of astronomic and gastronomic love, offers the top traditional culinary treats. We evolve friendships, broaden business partnerships and create investment opportunities. You will find your new home among kind and honest people. We will document memories of our hospitality, which is the reason why guests return and spread our reputation, by using advanced IT technology of augmented reality.

Allow yourself to get improved your imagination (ability to imagine, dream).


The First step (SUE TEMPORE)

The first training of imagination (ability to imagine, dream) is focused on a historical time horizon, i.e. the first basic principle of dice game/photo safari known as sue tempore (in the right place at the right time). Without imagination it is not possible even to digitise/position (assert, affirm) yourself.

For this purpose we are open for raising philanthropic donations which amount 12 x 150 EUR per month or one-time annual donation in amount of 1,800 EUR. This is contribution to the society as lifelong learning organisation.

The Golden section (SECTIO AUREA)

Training of imagination known as the Golden section is focused on segmentation of the unique relation of leadership competences between demand and supply, which is based on a principle of the golden section of the sacred economy/geometry of the ethics of virtue, which we will train as the photo safari sectio aurea. Sunrises will be intended for awakening imagination, because we will be focused on technical skills/disciplines of leadership competences.

For this purpose we raise philanthropic donations which amount 12 x 450 EUR per month or one-time annual donation in amount of 5,400 EUR. This is contribution to the society as lifelong learning organisation.

Diamond projectile (STUDIUM GENERALE)

 Traning od imagination according to a principle of the economy of the ethics of virtue known as the Diamond projectile pays attention to a private economic diplomacy and start-up IT movie production/investment of business angels.

For this purpose we are open for raising philanthropic donations which amount 12 x 1,650 EUR per month or one-time annual donation in amount of 19,800 EUR. This is contribution to the society as lifelong learning organisation.

I started my political career in the first direct elections for mayor of Ruše in 1994 and upgraded it in the presidential elections in 2012. The goal of individual training is to get to know yourself through the science of the economics of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton. The subject of the training is knowledge management leadership skills, which are practiced taking into account the scale of Maslow's needs to transcend oneself and validate oneself in innovative thinking skills. If you need an online mentor who will proactively prepare you for the election year beyond all expectations, book your individual strategic consultation. The number of tenders is limited to 88.

As the author of the teaching Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself) I recommend career mentoring, as well as investment of time and energy into activities for strengthening imagination (ability to imagine, dream).

Duration: 30 minutes once a month in the first year of basic/advanced motivational training, because the election campaign will demand creative planning and managing. Healthy competition is welcome everywhere.


Street Ruške čete 3, 2342 Ruše, Slovenia

Phone and email

Phone: +386 (0) 31 818 553
Email: robic.milan@gmail.com